we provide personalized, affordable financial planning.


Want to pay off your student loans? Buy a car? Save more money? Start a company?

Our judgment-free space in Manhattan focuses on having fun while getting you financially fit. Our "gym equipment" is tissues (because emotions) and wine. We take the time to get to know you--and your life goals--and create a comprehensive financial plan to help you succeed. And if you're not in NYC, don't worry; we offer virtual meetings, too!

We'll get you on the right path to saving, budgeting and investing no matter your current salary or asset status. Seriously.

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real client success stories:

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Took charge of her finances

"I've read every financial book and listened to advice from many well known financial gurus, but there is something about having an actual person to guide you through this journey. The Financial Gym has changed my life. The mission and vision is inspiring and I want everyone to know and experience a life changing experience like I have had."

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Amanda & Chris

Planned their wedding under budget

"In addition to coming in under budget on our wedding, we are now well on our way to buying our first home together! In the process of getting financially fit, we've cut back on a lot of unnecessary expenses, but two years later, we can say the Financial Gym will never be one of those."



Has less stress and more fun funds

"After attending a networking event at the Financial Gym, I knew I found the right place for me. After joining the gym, I literally feel like I can breathe again. My money stresses are gone and now all I stress about is what to do with the extra I'm saving since joining."

One-On-One Training

Put the pieces together of your financial life and make sense of it with a personalized financial plan and be prepared for anything. We have three levels of plans to suit every budget.

Corporate Partnerships

Help your employees manage their finances to reduce stress and increase overall productivity in the workplace. Give them the help they need to succeed personally and professionally.

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