We're not your average Financial Planners. We take a wholistic approach to your money by making it fun and approachable. When people start with 

So now that you have the scoop, here's a blurb you can copy and email to your friends (or write your own of course). We look forward to paying you that cash money.

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Dear Friend,

Join me on the road to getting Financially Fit! I'm a member at the Financial Gym, a modern financial planning company, where you go to whip your assets into shape. If you've ever had questions, fear or confusion surrounding money and how to set yourself up for a successful future, the Financial Gym can help! Wherever you're starting from, you'll get personal help and guidance on everything from credit card optimization to student loan debt refinancing, budgeting, investing and more. A dedicated Financial Trainer will work one-on-one with you to outline your financial goals based on your real life goals. Putting 'personal' back into 'personal finance' is what they're all about. See more info below and if you want to schedule a free 15min consultation with them, go to financialgym.com/friends and give my name as a reference. 

About The Financial Gym:

The Financial Gym is a financial services company based in NYC focused on providing affordable and comprehensive financial planning. We’re committed to helping people get financially fit so they can achieve balance, decrease stress and become empowered by their money. Our Certified Financial Trainers work with you to outline & achieve your financial goals. Whether a person has challenges with budgeting, saving or investing– we’ve got them covered. 

The Financial Gym's comprehensive planning includes everything from:

  • Financial goal discovery and setting
  • Credit card help & best practices
  • Credit building
  • Emergency fund construction
  • Savings planning
  • Budgeting for your lifestyle
  • Mortgages & student loan debt rebalancing
  • Retirement planning
  • Investing know how and guidance
  • Account management and tracking

Cheers to helping friends accomplish big goals!

Road to 165 - here we come!