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Frequently asked questions:

Can I give this to someone who doesn’t live in New York? Yes, we work with clients in all 50 states and multiple countries as well! These meetings take place virtually via skype, facetime or google hangout.

What if the recipient doesn’t like it? Can they return their membership? Because of the nature of our business, the membership is not refundable. However, we are happy to transfer it to another party of your choosing within a year.

Can I buy this for myself? Is it just available as a gift? Yes, we get very excited to see people invest their personal financial health and future!

Does the Financial Gym offer investment advice? We do you one better and teach you how to invest so you can manage your own portfolio without having to pay expensive management fees. That means that while we do not offer specific investment advice in terms of picking stocks or the actual investment mix, we do help you figure out how to have the money to invest based on your financial profile and can you on asset allocation as well.

Can the gift recipient work with the Financial Gym longer than 3 months?  Of course! Our service is built as a monthly membership, so clients can continue to build wealth through ongoing support and optimization.