Meet Remie Yu

Mid-Level Full Stack Developer

Remie is a software developer at The Financial Gym. Although she studied chemical engineering in college, she decided that coding was more suited for her free spirited lifestyle. Outside of work, you can find her doing acro, rock climbing, ballroom dancing, working out, or at a concert. Having been taught to save money from the day she was born, she loves to find fun things to do on a budget and is an avid patron of Groupon. Remie can never resist a good deal.

What is the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?
Best - My hiking bag. It fits everything! I can bring it as a carry on for a 2 week trip. No checked bag fees!

What are you working for?
Like Ali Wong, I want to take a stroll on a sidewalk, see a quarter, and just keep on walking. Jk, I will never pass up a quarter.

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