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Jenn Monahan

Level 3 Trainer 

Jenn is a Level 3 Trainer at The Financial Gym. Before joining the team in early 2018, she left the hedge fund industry to focus more on her passion for finance: from working with complex products and markets, all the way to efficient budgeting/organizing day-to-day cash flow in her own personal life! Jenn's background also includes extensive market regulation work with various financial institutions, investment banks, hedge funds, and asset managers across the globe. She has a degree in Finance and Information Systems from Loyola University Maryland, and is Long Island native currently living her best life in New York City.

Favorite alcoholic beverage:

Jenn & Tonic

What are you working for?

Financial freedom & giving my clients the tools to do the same!

Joy Liu

Head of Trainer Development and Level 2 Trainer 

Joy is a Level 2 Certified Financial Trainer who works with clients new to their financial fitness journey. Joy joined The Financial Gym after a career in the advertising industry working in client services with the interest of marrying her passion for personal finance & working with people in a meaningful way. She is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island and recently re-located to North Carolina from New York City to live with her husband who is stationed there as a United States Marine.

Best purchase ever made:

My $20 monthly coffee bean subscription. My morning cup of coffee every day makes me so happy and I'm happy to pay slightly more for a smaller, higher quality roastery.

What are you working for?

Freedom to do work that I am passionate about and for my dog, Roxy, to live her best life.

Bridget Todd

Head of Client Strategy & Development and Level 3 Trainer

Bridget has an extensive background working in operations for very large hedge funds. In early 2016, she decided that she wanted more from her career rather than just a paycheck; and as a client of The Financial Gym, she determined that helping people with their money was what she wanted to do. Bridget has trained extensively in all areas of financial training including budgeting, credit management, student loans, savings strategies, insurance, short and long term goal planning, and investing principles. Bridget is a Level 2 Certified Financial Trainer and works mostly with clients who are new to their financial fitness journey. Bridget is a graduate of Quinnipiac University in Connecticut and lives a financially fit lifestyle in New York City.

Best purchase ever made

Bruce Springsteen tickets

What are you working for?

A home and a happy and healthy life for me and my family (present and future).