How Financially fit are you? 

Thursday, october 5th

11am PT / 2pm Et

We all know how to check our fitness levels - heart rate, BMI, weight - but do you know how to check your financial fitness levels?

Join Shannon McLay, Certified Financial Trainer and CEO of the Financial Gym, to learn the 5 key numbers that encompass a healthy financial life and solid take aways about savings goals, emergency funds, credit health and more.

This is for you if:

  • You’re worried that you’re not saving enough money

  • You want to buy a house/car/wedding/vaction/etc but you’re not sure how much you should spend

  • You’re tired of feeling stressed or overwhelmed by your finances

  • You’re making good money but still feel like you’re living paycheck to paycheck

You’ll learn:

  • The five key numbers you need to evaluate your financial fitness level today and how to improve it  

  • How much money you should be saving every year

  • How much you should be spending on your housing costs & basic expenses

  • The difference between a budget and a financial framework

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About the Financial Gym:

The Financial Gym is a new-age, women-led, financial wellness company providing affordable financial training so people can achieve balance, decrease stress, and become empowered by their money. 

We pair individuals or couples with our Certified Financial Trainers to outline & achieve their financial goals and improve their budgeting, saving, and investment know-how. Based in the heart of Manhattan, clients can receive training in person, by phone or via web video.