(Best. Financial. Friend.)

Your personal financial trainer – looking to put you in control of your finances, one step at a time.



Your B.F.F. Will Be There to Help You With:


Paying Off Debt

We get it. A mountain of debt can feel like it’s never going away. We’ve coached our clients on how to chip away at that mountain and become debt-free. Our trainers have helped conquer hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.


Buying a House

Ready to be a happy homeowner? Work with one of our trainers (in person or remotely) and we’ll coach you through everything from saving up for that down payment to improving your credit score. You’ll be financially prepared to find that home.


Saving for Wedding

Congrats! You’re engaged, but now it’s time to start saving for that special day. There’s enough stress planning for a wedding. Let us help you save for it, so let’s pop some bubbly and get started!


Meet Shannon McLay, CEO & Founder of The Financial Gym


We Help Coach You to Meet Your Financial Goals


Best. Financial. Friend. (B.F.F.)

Your B.F.F. gives you expert guidance – cheering you on, coaching, and holding you accountable in ways that no app can. You’ll work hard, but you’ll never be alone.


We Understand

Talking money can be tough. Rest assured, we’ve seen it all – the good, the bad, the deeply in debt – and nothing phases us. Your trainer will coach you on how to overcome your biggest hurdles with confidence.


We Work For You

When you work with us, you pay a flat monthly fee – that’s all. And, your trainer will make sure the fee is affordable and within your overall budget.

Reviews from The Financial Gym Clients


 The Training Process is Simple

We take a “fitness-inspired” approach to your finances by coaching you on how to make smarter money decisions that add up over time. It’s a lot like joining a gym – but minus the fancy equipment and sweat.


Meet your
Best. Financial. Friend.


Work on a
customized plan
with your B.F.F.


with your B.F.F.
(in person or remotely)


You're in control
of your finances.

All Plans Include:

  • 1-hour goal-setting meeting with your trainer
  • Meeting to review your financial plan
  • Quarterly check-ins with your trainer, in person or remotely
  • Ongoing access to your trainer as questions/challenges arise
  • Access to our online spend-tracking portal

*All plans are recurring monthly subscriptions that you can cancel at any time. Special student pricing available upon request.

We’re So Confident,
We Guarantee Success.
Who Does That?

Our plans work. And together, you will be on your road to financial happiness. But just to sweeten the pot even more, we guarantee success - or your money back.
Ask us for details.

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