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Get Financially FIT

We're on a mission to help you live your best life.


Get Financially FIT

We're on a mission to help you live your best life.


we are the financial gym.

We're a new-age financial services company focused on providing affordable financial training so you can achieve financial freedom. 

Financial freedom means achieving balance, decreasing stress and having money that works for you, rather than the other way around. Similar to a gym (but without the traditional exercise equipment), the Financial Gym is where you go to work out your assets. We've adopted the gym concept because our Certified Financial Trainers work with you one-on-one to outline & achieve your financial goals. Whether you have student loans, credit card debt, challenges with budgeting, saving or investment questions – we’ve got you covered. 


finance is personal

finance is personal

We're putting the 'personal' back in 'personal finance.'

No longer is your only affordable option an app or a website without any guidance.  And no, you don't have to wait until you have 'enough money' to hire a "traditional" (READ: expensive, confusing and old-school) financial advisor.

Now you can get financially fit and feel confident knowing you’re not in it alone. At the Financial Gym our trainers work with you one-on-one to keep you supported, accountable and working towards accomplishing your goals.


What We Offer

We offer individualized support with financial trainers, a comprehensive financial plan and accountability with quarterly "weigh-ins."

Real World Solutions

You’re not going to find stiff suits and trite advice here. We’re want everyone to know the financial basics and implement them with enthusiasm.

Schedule An Appointment

Are you ready to take your financial future into your own hands? Then set a date to chat with one of our financial trainers!





We exist to help people with an affordable and trustworthy option to achieving financial freedom. We'll help you with your full financial picture: outline your goals, budget, savings, investments and continually optimize to help you accomplish your life goals.


A new financial services company

    Our founder, Shannon McLay, is a veteran of the banking industry.

    After 13 years of working for a big bank including two years as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch, Shannon realized that traditional financial services companies weren’t interested in giving clients with less than $250,000 in net worth personalized advice and guidance.  But what about the ones with less? What were their options?

    Finance and banking as an industry is focused on people with established wealth. You've seen it: a boys club with pressed suits and lots of jargon. If you’re not there yet, they want to give you websites and apps to solve your financial problems.

    At the Financial Gym, we believe that personalized financial services are for everyone and we're on a mission to prove that.

    do i need financial services?

    • Are you living paycheck to paycheck?
    • Have you ever tossed a credit card bill into a drawer to avoid looking at it?
    • Do you feel like you’ll never achieve the financial success of your parents?
    • Do you want to travel and live life to the fullest but feel strapped by student loan debt or other financial commitments?
    • Are you about to get married and have yet to get financially naked with your significant other?
    • Do you want to invest but you’re scared to do it on your own?
    • How about wanting to understand your 401k better and knowing how much is enough for you to retire on anyways?
    • Do you fight about money and money decisions with your significant other?

    If you answered "yes" to any of these, it's likely you do and we're here to help! 

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    WHY A GYM?

    WHY A GYM?


    fun.  fit.  finance.

    You've been to enough traditional financial institutions to recognize their carpet, cubicles, hard candy and antiseptic environment.

    At a Gym, the focus is on fitness and fun!

    At the Financial Gym, it's no different. We're here to whip your assets into shape and make sure your financial health is prioritized.

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    Money Talks.

    Talk Money.

    We know talking money can be tough. That's why our 'gym equipment' consists of wine and tissues.

    Once you get everything out into the open with your trainer, we'll get moving on helping you build the life of your dreams!

    Pop a bottle of wine with us in a relaxed environment or attend one of our workshops with your money tribe and you'll see.

    At the Financial Gym, we're blending what we love about gyms and introducing people to the world of finance. It's about getting #financiallyfit in a fun way. Aside from being fun, it's also affordable because we believe financial freedom is for everyone.

    Our Certified Financial Trainers (CFTs) are approachable and dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals in an engaging way.




    The Good News:

    • 80% of millionaires in America are first generation
    • The 3% of Harvard Business School graduates who wrote down their financial goals and plans were making TEN TIMES as much as the other 97% ten years out 
    • This means, you can achieve anything as long as you put your mind to it, write your goals down and make a plan!

    The Not-So-Good News:

    • The average net worth for Americans under age 35 is less than $7,000
    • 63% of Americans don’t have enough saved to cover a $500 emergency
    • The average FICO credit score in the US is 695 which is Fair or Average and this could cost you thousands in interest costs over time between mortgages, car loans or credit cards 
    • Investing is the only way you'll reach major life goals (average US inflation is 3.22%, therefore if you’re only saving, you're losing money!)
    • 1 in 3 Americans have nothing saved for retirement
    • 54% of Americans don't invest in the stock market

    The news for women:

    • 86% of financial advisors are men
    • Women control 5 trillion in assets
    • The median earnings for all women are $638 a week compared to $798 for men
    • Women control 80% of consumer spending
    • Women are half the workforce 
    • Fewer than 2 in 10 women feel “very prepared” to make wise financial decisions
    • Women represent 80% of nursing homes residents
    • 90% of women will manage their own money in their lifetime

    Don't you want to be in the know?

     We believe you should be in control of your full financial life and empowered to make the best decisions. When stuff hits the fan (and it always does), we want you to feel confident and prepared, not stressed-out about how to handle it.  

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    Help our Clients achieve Financial Freedom

    Have fun doing it!

    Motivate + Celebrate Financial Successes

    Be Approachable + Trustworthy

    Foster Team Spirit - We're in this together!


    Help our Clients achieve Financial Freedom

    Have fun doing it!

    Motivate + Celebrate Financial Successes

    Be Approachable + Trustworthy

    Foster Team Spirit - We're in this together!

    A holistic approach to your finances

    Technology is great, but unfortunately the financial solutions available to us only address one or two aspects of our lives. For many of us, our financial picture is like a puzzle with pieces scattered all over the place; and the technology only puts together parts of the puzzle.

    We want to put it all together for you!


    Financial Goals

    Have you set financial goals for yourself? Do you even know what you can accomplish financially? Our clients with the most clearly articulated financial goals get the best results. We can help you determine and achieve yours!


    Do you know your credit score? Have you had problems with credit in the past and don’t know how to move forward? Do you know that a great credit score can help you travel the world?

    Emergency Fund

    63% of Americans couldn’t handle a $500 emergency because they have minimal emergency funds. We have clients who started with us in this position too and now they don’t stress the financial emergencies.


    For most of us, savings is an afterthought and what we do with our leftover money at the end of the month. Our clients are saving at rates of 20-25% of their gross incomes and still living lives filled with joy.


    Budgets are like diets, no one wants to be on one, but did you know that just like diets, there are a number of ways to budget? We help our clients find the most successful budget for their lifestyle so they can accomplish their financial goals.


    Home ownership is a dream that many Americans feel they can’t achieve, but if you wanted to accomplish it, do you have the plan for how to get there? Do you understand what the process will look like and how you should avoid becoming home poor at the advice of mortgage brokers?


    71% of students are graduating with student loan debt. Do you know how to manage yours while also accomplishing other life goals? There are literally dozens of student loan repayment options available; and we’ll help you pick the best one for you and your life goals.


    We hate the word retirement, it makes us think of the point in our lives where we’re winding down and living on fixed incomes. We like the words “financial freedom,” and that’s what we help our clients achieve. We want our clients to have the freedom to work or not and to reach that point before they’re eligible for social security.


    Do you know what an ETF is? Are you scared to invest on your own? If you answered no and yes, then you’re just like our founder Shannon was before she became a financial advisor; and she’s trained her trainers how to empower and educate our clients so that they can invest and make their money work for them. 

    If you’re looking to get take on your financial health and wellness, get in touch today for a free consultation or find out more about our training packages.