Free Summer Fun!

Most of the clients that come to the gym, have a love-hate relationship with money.

They love to spend it and hate to save it.

Our society is all about treating yourself. You deserve it, YOLO! You also owe it to yourself to be responsible with your money and plan for the future. I am not saying that you can never go out, but you do have to reign it in a little.

This summer, try to take advantage of all the free summer fun. This is the best time to be in New York! The city unravels before you and you have access to almost everything.

Here are my 4 top free things to do in New York in the summer:





All free live music, all the time, just like MTV used to be.



Hudson River Dance Festival

If you ever wanted to take Tango lessons, here is your chance to try it free




NYC Shape Up

Sweat it out al fresco with no dough.



Movies Under the Stars

Enjoy free screenings outside at various parks around the city. Some even serve free popcorn.


That should cover all of your entertainment needs for the summer. Then, you can use some of your savings to get a much needed cold cocktail for the sweltering summer evenings.

Chandra Savage