A Gym Magic Story: Jessica

"The “Gym Magic Fund” is a way for clients who have experienced Gym Magic to give to or pay forward some of that Magic to client’s who desperately need it because maybe they’ve lost a job, they’re behind on their student loan payments, need to support in-need parents or had some other financial setback." - Shannon McLay, Founder and CEO of the Financial Gym

We are so excited to share another Gym Magic story! We are pleased to introduce you to Jessica.


First Name: Jessica
Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Why did you reach out to the Financial Gym?

I am an avid listener of Shannon’s podcast and before I joined the gym was doing a lot of work on my own to stick to a budget and pay down debt. However, I knew that I could be doing even better to hit my goals and get to a secure place with my money. I reached out to Financial Gym so that I could have built-in support and accountability in sticking to my financial goals. I also needed help planning for two big expenses that I knew were coming up and was unsure how to tackle on my own (moving out of my mom’s house and paying off a dying car in order to purchase a more reliable one).

How do you feel now?

I feel amazing! Joining the gym was the best decision I could have made. My financial trainer, Joy, has helped me so much to create a budget that has helped me save for all of my goals and build up my emergency fund. I can honestly say I have never been this financially secure in my life to date!

How do you plan to use the Gym Magic Money?

Shortly after joining the gym and working aggressively towards my two immediate goals of moving out and paying off my dying car ASAP, I found out that my dog Daisy needed to have an expensive surgery to remove a tumor from her leg. I consulted with Joy about how to handle the expense, and soon after the Gym surprised me with Gym Magic Money! I was beyond shocked and so thankful for the gift. The money went towards the veterinary bill so I could get my pup back in good health.

Was there any other Gym Magic that came your way since joining?

Since joining the Gym I have experienced that famed Gym Magic. One time I found $20 on the sidewalk (which absolutely never happens to me), I experienced a surprise raise at work, and recently made a career shift into the financial industry to begin my own journey to help others with their finances!

What are you working for?

My primary motivation is to not let my money control me and my life. I grew up in a family that did not have financial security and I want to make sure that I don’t continue that habit. For me, being financially secure means that I don’t have to be stressed about money on the daily and that I have options to do all that I want in life - to start, getting that new car  :)

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Caitlin Lyttle