10 Low Cost Things to Do This Fall

The temperature is under 80 degrees, it is October 1st, and you know what that means: It is OFFICIALLY Fall! The summer days are behind us and we all can admit our bank accounts are thankful for that. No more impromptu outside happy hours or weekend getaways that require a new outfit for every night out. The Fall is a time to get back on track, spend time with your family, and cozy up near the fire (free of cost!).

We listed our 10 favorite free (or almost free) things to do in the Fall. Get planning!


Pumpkin and/or apple picking

This is number one because it is the ULTIMATE Fall activity. This day-long activity is perfect to do with friends or family. And the best part? Purchasing a pumpkin or bag of apples only costs a few bucks! You can also take a hayride or get lost in a corn maze for another $2-$3.

Bake your pumpkin and apple picks

Do you have sugar? A pie crust? Well then you’re all set! Grab all of your friends and get together to make some pies, cookies, candy apples, or baked pumpkin seeds. You can also use your new pumpkin purchase for fall decor in or outside your home. And the apples are a healthy snack for the week ahead for the whole family!

Read a new book(s)

You may have gotten a lot of reading done this summer at the beach, but who says you can’t do a little more? Either sit outside if you have a back yard, grab a plaid blanket to take to the park, or cozy up near the fire and read any of our favorite books right now.

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Make s’mores

S’mores is the best Fall snack…ever. And the best thing about it is a very low cost snack to make and you can enjoy them outside near a fall fire!


Take a drive to see the fall foliage

We all love the Fall temperature, but what makes the season so special is all of the leaves changing to beautiful hues of red, yellow, and orange. If you’ve already got a car, take a drive to a wooded area near your neighborhood. Or if you’re in a city, use Zipcar and rent a car for a few hours to take the drive and get out of the city’s hustle and bustle and enjoy nature.

Rake the leaves…and then jump in them!

Raking leaves may not be everyone’s favorite activity, but it is a good workout AND fun when it is all said and done. So put on your parka, get outside, and start raking! And once you’re done you can completely destroy the pile by jumping in them. Maybe sure your friend is ready with a camera though because this could make the perfect Fall Instagram post.

Make leaf rubbings

Just like coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore, neither are leaf rubbings! You can make an amazing piece of art with just a few leaves, paper, and crayons. Need a tutorial? We’ve got you.

Take a walk in the perfect Fall temperature

This one is pretty explanatory. Sometimes it is hard to enjoy the outside during the summer when the hot, sticky weather causes you to just want to be by the beach or lay by the pool. Now is the perfect time to take a walk! You can either take a short trip to get to a picturesque hiking destination or just wake up an hour early in the AM and go for a walk around the neighborhood. Nothing better.

Family holiday picture time!


Okay, I apologize for doing this, but we like to plan ahead here at The Financial Gym. The holidays will sneak up on us all before we know and who wants to take pictures in anything less than 60 degree temperatures? Not us. Now is the best time to put on the plaid flannels, get in the leaves you raked up, and snap a few pictures for the holiday cards you need to send out in a few months. You’ll thank yourself in December.

Plan your holiday shopping

Again, we like to plan ahead, especially if it will save us some $$$. Now we don’t want you to go out and buy all of your holiday gifts today, but you should start some planning the below:

  • Who do I have to buy holiday gifts for this year?

  • How much do I need to spend on each person?

  • Do I have any gift swaps I will be involved in?

  • How many holiday parties do I need to attend this year?

  • How much will holiday cards cost me? Postage?

Once you have a holiday budget set, it’ll be easier to stay on track, especially without being influenced by the emotions of the season.

Caitlin Lyttlebudget