4 Reasons to Enjoy the FinGym Webinars

Our clients are our “why.” We love their stories and hearing of their successes. Every week we share a few client stories.

Emily Parlapiano has been a Financial Gym client for less than a year but already sees the impact. She works as a Program Manager for a social impact organization in NYC. She’s an avid reader, dedicated volunteer and newly addicted to marathon running!

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Let’s be honest, webinars have a bad rap. If you’re anything like I am then you know the drill - log in, tune out. My experience with the Financial Gym webinars has been different. These one-hour sessions are packed with information and make it easy to get the most out of the brain power behind The Gym.

And guess what? They’re free and open to anyone. So, whether you’re an FG member or not, you get to reap one of the benefits. If you are a member, then you likely know how hard it can be to stay on track throughout the year. These sessions are the perfect way to remain motivated and inspired between the quarterly check-ins with your trainer (shout out to Georgina!).

Here’s why I like The Gym’s webinars:

You’ll learn something new

Want to learn something new over lunch? I’ve found that after every session I take away at least one actionable item that I can implement almost immediately - whether it be applying for a new credit card, upping my savings rate or opening my first IRA. Even when I thought that I was winning at credit card rewards, I joined the Travel Hacking webinar and came out with a game-changing recommendation for a card with great rewards!

Shannon is on LIVE

Love your trainer but always dreamt of sitting down with The Gym’s CEO and Founder, Shannon McLay, directly? Here’s your chance. Shannon -- yes -- Shannon - the same kicka** woman who was just featured on the Today Show is ready to answer YOUR questions. Seriously, take advantage of this opportunity. She’s an industry vet who manages to be cool, candid and personal.

They keep you engaged

A few webinars have featured one of The Gym’s Trainers like Level 2 Trainers Jenn or Tai. Each session kicks off with an introduction to The Gym, a quick poll, and shout outs to people who have joined the webinar from across the country.

They’re flexible

Stuck eating lunch at your desk? Grab those leftovers out of the fridge and pop in your headphones while you eat. All webinars take place during traditional East Coast lunch hours from 12:00pm-1:00pm EST.

And if you’re really pressed for time or live in another time zone, one of the most underrated parts about the FG webinars is that each session is recorded and shared the next day. I recommend signing up even if you may not be able to make it! I’ve re-watched my fair share and am even guilty of signing up for courses that don't apply to me (yet) -- see “Finances for Freelancers”. The topics are spot on in helping you prepare to turn some of those pipe dreams into a reality!

One day I’ll make it to a Wine and Learn but until then, keep the webinars coming!

Caitlin Lyttle