5 Legit Side Hustles to Earn an Extra $200 a Month

Have you ever felt like if you just made a couple hundred dollars more per month your life would be different? Your life would be better or easier and you could double down on your goals and stop stressing all the time? The good news is that you can earn $200+ per month with these five legit side hustles. 

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1. Babysitter

It may sound old school but one of the tried and tested side hustles that can score you $200 or more per month is being a babysitter. When you break it down, you need to make $50 per week or more. You can definitely make that in one sitting as a babysitter. You can check out SitterCity.com and Care.com to find gigs online. You can also post on Next Door and connect with parents in your community about your availability. If you like children and can keep them safe and entertained, this is a good, flexible side hustle. 

2. Catering assistant 

If you have food service experience but need a side hustle, working in fast food or a restaurant might not offer you the flexibility you need. But working as a catering assistant for events can be a useful way to use your food experience and have more flexibility. Many catering gigs are nights and weekends and for a few hours at a time. You can typically earn $12-$16 per hour or more depending on your location. You can likely score more working for high-end event companies. 

On top of getting flexibility, you’ll probably score some free food after the event. Having leftovers available to you can help lower your food and grocery budget too. 

3. Uber/Lyft driver

If you need a side hustle stat and have a car and a good driving record, becoming an Uber or Lyft driver can help you earn $200 a month or more. How much you can earn depends on the hours you put in and the tips you receive, but this is a low barrier to entry side hustle. If you go this route, you can go to the 99 cent store and pick up some mints and water and offer them to passengers to boost their experience and gain more tips. 

This is a good side hustle if you want to start ASAP and you like driving and meeting new people. 

4. Brand ambassador

Have you ever seen those people giving out free coupons at concerts or freebies by the metro? Those people are brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors work as the public face of a brand and helps with in-person marketing at events. If you’re an extrovert, becoming a brand ambassador is a great side hustle. The gigs are flexible and typically are on nights and weekends. 

You can typically score between $17 to $25 per hour and you may even get free goodies yourself. You can sign up with ATN Event Staffing and The Hype Agency to get started. Sign up with various marketing agencies and get notified when there are events in your area. Simply reply with your headshot and event experience and get booked. 

5. Freelancer 

Another way to earn at least $200 per month or more is to become a freelancer. There are many ways you can become a freelancer and it starts with identifying your skills. What are you good at? What are people always complimenting you on or needing your help with? You can consider being a freelance writer, freelance graphic designer, freelance virtual assistant, freelance home organizer, etc. You can find gigs on Fiverr, Upwork, Thumbtack, TaskRabbit and more. Let your friends and family know you’re available for work and start freelancing on the side in your own time and set your own rates. 

Make that money 

If you want to start side hustling and earning a couple hundred more bucks each month, you can start with these five legit side hustles. Consider the amount of time you can invest, the amount you want to earn, and what your skills and abilities are. On top of that, have a plan for that extra money. Will you pay down debt? Save for a vacation? Invest it? Hybrid approach, and a bit of all three? Have a plan so you’re not just working just to work. Making more money and having a plan can get you ahead on your financial goals and boost your skill set.