9 Ways to Maximize Your Savings at Target


Nothing feels better than a productive Target run. The red and white bullseye predated online shopping as the place to go for good products at reasonable prices. Even now, in the age of Amazon Prime, it’s not uncommon to walk out of Target spending way more than you planned on items you didn’t know you needed. 

If you’re wondering how to save money at Target, finding the right Target discount or Target coupon can help maximize your savings. This is especially important when spending more is inevitable, such as during back-to-school season. 

Here are nine ways to minimize costs when shopping at Target.

1. Target REDCard

The Target REDCard is a free debit card offered through Target that allows you to save 5% off your total purchase and provides an added online incentive of free two-day shipping. 

The deals get even deeper for certain products, such as 15% off some brands of formula and diapers, and select buy-one, get-one free offers. As an added bonus, that standard 5% off also applies to in-store Starbucks locations. If you like buying a latte as you cruise the Target aisles, the REDCard can help lessen the monetary impact of your caffeine habit. 

If you want a standing Target discount, using the Target REDCard for 5% off every time you shop might not be a bad idea. 

2. Cartwheel

The Cartwheel app used to be a separate online tool that Target shoppers could use to find deals, but now it’s part of the Target App. Through the app, you can find deals on the products you’re hoping to buy. 

You select the offers you want, which produces a barcode for you to scan at checkout. This is a really simple way to find and use a Target coupon for that purchase you were planning to make anyway! 

3. Annual teacher discount week

Are you a teacher wondering how to save money on supplies for your students? Once a year, Target holds an annual sales event to support teachers with their back-to-school classroom needs. 

In 2019, the event took place between July 13-20 and qualified expenses eligible for a Target discount included school supplies and classroom essentials, apparel and accessories, and cleaning and storage supplies. 

4. Target Circle 

Target’s new loyalty reward program offers 1% earnings on every purchase that can be redeemed in-store at a future date. This Target discount might not seem like a lot initially, but  it does add up. 

The program is currently only available in six test markets: Dallas-Fort Worth, Charlotte, Denver, Indianapolis, Kansas City and Phoenix. If you’re shopping in one of those test markets you can sign up for the program through the Target app or head to Target.com/circle. Target also promises personal perks tailored to your shopping habits. 

5. Coupon databases

If you’re looking for Target coupons to help you save more money, don’t forget to check the numerous coupon databases online. These websites keep updated lists of coupons that are available and the codes you’ll need to redeem them. They find both Target coupons and manufacturer coupons. You can get both printable and digital coupons as well. 

Target allows you to combine some coupons, so you could potentially mix a Cartwheel offer, a Target coupon and a manufacturer offer for the same item. 

6. Bullseye’s Playground

You’re probably familiar with Target’s beloved Dollar Spot — the bins of $1 items usually placed at the front of the store. But have you heard of Bullseye’s Playground? While some Target locations have Bullseye’s Playground branding in store, most shoppers will know this as the online equivalent to the Dollar Spot.

It helps you save money with regular Target discounts on seasonal items. If you’re wondering how to save money on seasonal items or family friendly accessories and gifts, Bullseye’s Playground is worth your time. 

7. Target subscriptions

Do you have items you’re guaranteed to go through on a regular basis? If you’re constantly buying the same essentials, from coffee pods to diapers, consider subscribing through Target to have them delivered to your front door, regularly. If you’ve been wondering how to save money on these items, a subscription might be just the option you’ve been looking for. 

With a Target subscription you get 5% off the cost of your item and free shipping. Target keeps its list of eligible items for subscriptions updated on its subscriptions page. Keep in mind you can only apply Target coupons or Target discounts to the initial order. 

8. Target’s weekly discount newsletter

To stay on top of the ways you can save money at Target, sign up for their weekly newsletter. They offer reminders about current deals and also send exclusive Target discounts only through the newsletter. 

Even if you’re really protective over what marketing emails you sign up for, Target’s weekly newsletter is essential, because it keeps you updated so you don’t have to go hunting for Target coupons by yourself. 

9. Get discounts up to 14 days after purchase 

Have you ever felt disappointed watching an item you just bought at Target go on sale a few days later? Well, the good news is that Target will honor the new sales price of an item you just bought up to 14 days after you make the purchase.

If you’re monitoring Target discounts don’t feel shy to bring your purchase back in to get your money back after it goes on sale. When you’re trying to save money, every penny counts!