Everyone can use some help now and then. That's why we've created the Financial Gym Magic Fund.

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This fund is a way for clients who have experienced Gym Magic to give to or pay forward some of that Magic to client’s who desperately need it because maybe they’ve lost a job, they’re behind on their student loan payments, need to support in-need parents or had some other financial setback.

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We have started the fund with $1,500 of Financial Gym money and if you’re someone who’s experienced some financial magic, we hope that you will consider using it to support fellow members of this amazing community.

Once a month, the financial trainers will nominate their clients most in need of some Gym Magic in their lives and we’ll immediately get the funds to our members who really need it financially or emotionally.




Donors who contribute to the Gym Magic fund will have a puzzle piece from our new Gym Magic wall dedicated to them in our Flatiron Gym and they will have the ability to personally sign their piece of the puzzle. All future gyms will also have Gym Magic walls to show the support we have for each other in this spectacular community.

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We hope you plan to give and give often! We have seen how much Gym Magic can transform lives and believe there should be as much of it out there as possible!


 *Please note donations to this fund are not tax deductible.

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