A Gym Magic Story: Gabrielle Wisler

What is Gym Magic? Often members of the FinGym community who have had financial success, aka Gym Magic, want a way to give back to clients who may have not had such luck. That's why we created the Gym Magic Fund. The FinGym community donates money to this fund and we give it to clients who may need a little help at the time. 

We are so excited to share another Gym Magic story! We are pleased to introduce you to Gabrielle.

First Name: Gabrielle


Location: New York, NY

Why did you reach out to The Financial Gym?

A little over a year ago one of my very good friends Caitlin brought me to an event at The Financial Gym. The energy and community there was great - I almost forgot that I was there to talk about money. After a few events, hearing the success stories of friends and having enough of "talking finance" with my mom, I was more than ready to seek out the pros at FinGym! Debt, credit cards, salary negotiations, and sprucing up my apartment were just some of the topics I was hoping to address and it turns out that was just beginning!

How do you feel now after working with us?

Working with Bridget and the rest of the FinGym family has been an incredible experience for me. I use the word family because that's how it feels when I walk into HQ. The support and guidance Bridget has given me has been invaluable, especially when times have gotten tough! FinGym trainers are part therapist and part finance guru, take my word for it!

How do you plan to use the Gym Magic Money?

Earlier this year when my mom and 3 siblings (20, 17, 14) were going through a tough time my FinGym family gave me an incredible gift - a VERY generous amount of GYM MAGIC! I sat at my desk in disbelief, cried, and called my friend Caitlin (who introduced me to FinGym and now was actually working for them) to say a big thank you to her and the rest of the team. I used the money to cover some of my siblings’ expenses that month - it helped big time. There's no words to express how grateful I am to be a member of this community. And I can't wait to pay it forward to another member of The Gym in the future.

Was there any other Gym Magic that came your way since joining?

I'd say Gym Magic comes in so many forms - and with the community that Shannon has built it flows through each and every member of the staff. That's what makes this place so special. What's so magical about FinGym is that it doesn't feel like a service; it's just a really awesome financially fit friend who gives good advice about what to do with my money.

What are you working for?

What motivates me to be financially healthy is my future. I have so many things I want to do and so many things I want to accomplish in my life and I know that being debt free, and in a comfortable position with my savings account, that future will look just a little bit brighter.

Are you interested in contributing to the Gym Magic fund?

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Caitlin Lyttle