How to enjoy the summer on a budget

As the summer season is in full effect, it’s time to enjoy and have some fun. Summer seems to pass by so fast, so you want to get the most out of it and live and love life. All of that fun can come at a cost, though. Luckily, there are ways you can enjoy the summer on a budget. Here are eight ways to have fun in the summer without breaking the bank.

how to save money this summer

1. Get moving

The weather is good and the sun is out so there’s no better time than now to get your body moving. Go for a hike, take your bike for a ride, rollerblade or enjoy a nice run. Being active is free and can help you take advantage of summer, while keeping both your body and finances in shape.

2. Have a beach day

If you live near a beach, summer is the time to enjoy it. The best part? It doesn’t have to be an expensive day. Pack a towel and a sandwich, some sunscreen and water and don’t forget a good book. You can scout out affordable parking areas beforehand or take public transportation to save on costs.

3. Go to free concerts and festivals

If you live in a major city like New York City where The Financial Gym is located, there are plenty of free concerts and festivals to go to in the summer. Instead of spending double digits on getting cool inside of a movie theater, head to free concerts, free movies and shows in the park and go to cultural festivals in your city. Check your local newspaper, Eventbrite, online events calendars and Facebook to see what events are near you.

4. Enjoy a picnic

Going out to eat is expensive. Instead of spending all your hard-earned dough on food, have a picnic with friends where everyone brings something. Sit in the park and enjoy each other’s company. Everyone will contribute something so the price won’t just be on you.

5. Have a happy hour only rule

Of course you don’t want to have no fun and never go out in the summer. But one way you can limit your spending is by having a “happy hour only rule”. That means the only time you go out and spend money on food and drink is at happy hour. There can be some great happy hour deals on food and drink that can help you save money. Find the best deals in your neighborhood and search “best happy hour in [your city]” to find good options. This way you can have some fun drinking and dining out.

6. Take advantage of the library

The library is an under-utilized resource and can offer a lot of things for free. In many cases, it’s not just books you can take out but also movies and magazines. The library may have free cultural programming or classes to take as well. That way you can go to an interesting talk or screening or brush up on a skill. Check out your local library to see everything that they offer.

7. Plant an herb garden

During the summer months, you can plant some season-appropriate herbs and have a little garden. Even if it’s in your window sill or small patio. Trader Joe’s also has some basil or mint plants that you can buy for easy use. Having your own herbs can help you save money and add some nice charm to your home.

8. Make your own fancy water

In the middle of a heat wave, you’re going to need to hydrate more than normal. But drinking water can get boring. Using your new herbs, make some flavored water. You can put mint in your water or cucumber or rosemary for a boost of flavor. Stop buying your own fancy water and make your own to enjoy.

Bottom line

The summer months are a time of sun and fun but don’t let that break the bank. Keep these eight tips in mind for having fun in the summer on a budget. You don’t want to add any extra debt or spend at the expense of your savings. Need help getting your finances organized this summer? Get in touch to meet your Best. Financial. Friend.