7 Graduation Gifts for the New Grad In Your Life

Every May and June, graduates across the country leave their old college life behind to begin a new chapter of adulthood. It’s an exciting time full of lots of transitions. To congratulate the graduate in your life for all of their hard work, you want to get them something to commemorate the beginning of their new life. Here are seven graduation gifts to consider for the new grad in your life.

1. An inspiring book

Is there one book that has changed your life or had a lasting impact? Consider paying it forward and buying that book for the new grad in your life. Graduates are making the transition from college life to adulthood and any life advice is helpful. Consider books like “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert that have a strong, inspiring message.

You can get them a book that changed your life and write a note inside the book with your congratulations and your encouragement.  

2. Trader Joe’s or Starbucks gift card

After graduation, new grads can no longer rely on free coffee at the student center or meals at college events. That’s why you can consider getting a gift certificate for Trader Joe’s so they can stock their fridge with something nice. A Starbucks gift card is another option for any coffee-obsessed grads.

These graduation gifts are useful but also fun. When new grads get a gift card, they might buy things they wouldn’t feel comfortable buying if it were their own cash. Yet groceries and coffee are staples of adult life and can help offset the new grad’s post-college budget.

3. A student loan payment

Want to consider graduation gifts with more of a financial impact? Offer to make a student loan payment on their behalf. Some loan servicers may accept outside payments from family or you can write a check and mention that it’s for their first student loan payment. New grads might be freaking out about their upcoming payments and this is a practical way to help out.

4. Meal delivery service

After graduation, new grads are just getting their life together. It’s a time of transition and getting adjusted to adulthood. One of the adulthood chores that might increase is cooking. To help the new grad in your life learn how to cook more diverse or healthier meals, consider getting them a meal delivery service for a specific period of time.

For example, Blue Apron offers meal delivery as gifts for $120 which provides two weeks of delivery for two people, two recipes per week. You can also opt for the $60 option as well. There are many other meal delivery services as well, so you are sure to find something that fits in with their dietary preferences and tastes.

5. Professional clothing

One of the things that most new grads need after college is professional clothing. They might just be starting their first real job and their wardrobe needs an upgrade. For graduation gifts, consider a nice blazer, belt or tie for guys, a blouse or shoes for ladies. Obviously you want to know their size and if not, definitely save the receipt if there are any returns that need to be made.

Buying professional clothing can add up fast so helping out the new grad in your life can go a long way.

6. Newspaper or magazine subscription

Does the new grad in your life love devouring news and content? Getting them a newspaper subscription as a graduation gift is a good idea. You can get a subscription to The New York Times so they don’t run out of free articles after three days. Do they love business or finance more? Consider getting a subscription to The Wall Street Journal. Whatever their interests are, there’s likely a magazine or newspaper subscription that could work well as graduation gifts.

7. Financial Gym membership

After graduation, young adults need to get their finances in order. It can be stressful with all the adjustments, upcoming student loan payments and more. One of the best graduation gifts for new grads is a Financial Gym membership. Yeah, we’re biased, but we know that getting young adults on the right footing with their finances can be the best investment in their future.

A lot of bad habits and lifestyle expectations haven’t been established yet so it’s the perfect time to mold new grad’s relationship to money management.

Bottom line

Buying graduation gifts can be stressful. You want to find the right thing for the new grad in your life. This list of seven graduation gifts are inspiring, useful, and can help the transition.