5 Affordable Father's Day Gifts

Father’s day is around the corner. You know you want to get a gift for the dad in your life, whether biological or not, but don’t want to spend too much. What gifts can you give that show that you care but won’t cost you a pretty penny but also won’t look cheap? We’ve got you covered with these five affordable father’s day gifts.

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1. Framed photo

It seems like all of our photos live on our phones these days. But there’s something nice about having a photo printed out and framed. It doesn’t have to cost a lot either! You can go to your local Walgreens or something similar with a photo center and print out a photo of you two. Get the photo and pick up a frame at the dollar store.

Cost: Photo .33+. Frame: $1+.

2. Keychain bottle opener

When it comes to getting dad a gift, you can’t go wrong with getting something fun but also useful. One option is to get a nice keychain bottle opener so that no matter where he goes, he can open a beer, or be prepared when hosting a party or barbeque. You can take it up on a notch and get this one from Etsy, where you can personalize it with your own note and handwriting.

Cost: $19.99+

3. Gourmet item

There are some things in life that just make everything better. One of those things is gourmet food items and condiments. Everyone seems to have their thing. For some people, it’s hot sauce. For others, it’s mustard. Maybe it’s a specialty salsa or a fine cheese. Getting one nice item as a father’s day gift is a good way to add some spice to dad’s life, without you having to go overboard. You can go to a gourmet shop and pick out one item between $10 and $20 or go to Trader Joe’s and pick out something nice in the same range.

Cost: $10-$20, depending on item

4. Wallet

Is your dad the type of dad that has had the same wallet since 1992? Is his wallet always falling apart or getting lost? For a father’s day gift, get your dad a new wallet. Consider getting him a minimalist wallet that looks nice and can hold all of his cards and money. This slim wallet from Amazon is $14.99 and could be just what he needs to get organized and get upgraded.

Cost: $14.99

5. Specialty beer or wine

If you’re racking your brain about what to get for a father’s day gift, there’s always booze as a good standby. If your dad enjoys beer or wine, consider getting him something special. Trader Joe’s has a great selection of affordable beer and wine. They have fancy Mexican Chocolate stouts and deep Tempranillos from Spain and more. Trader Joe’s has specialty beer in larger, single bottles which could be perfect for a gift. Wrap a bow around the beer or wine bottle and include a little note and voila.

Cost: $5-$20, depending on option and state

Don’t forget a card

Father’s day gifts are always nice but don’t forget a card. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a card either. The 99 cent store or dollar store have cards or you can make your own handmade card. The point is to write a heartfelt message to your father about how much you care and what he means to you. If you want your gift to have the most impact, get your father a card and include that with the gift. He’ll enjoy the gift and always have the words you wrote to look back on in the future.

Bottom line

Father’s day is coming up soon but don’t panic! You can get something nice without spending a fortune. More importantly, don’t blow your budget buying and shipping something express and paying an arm and a leg on expedited shipping. These five father’s day gifts are easy to find and affordable. Not only that but they can show that you love and care for your father while also staying on a budget.