7 Useful Services That Are Worth Your Time 

You’ve probably heard the saying, “time is money”, but according to a recent survey, time is also happiness. In its international survey, scientific journal PNAS, found that “spending money on time-saving services is linked to greater life satisfaction.” 

If you find that everyday tasks are keeping you from prioritizing personal goals, buying back your time might be worth your coin. Here are just a few ways to reclaim your time so you can focus on the things that bring you joy.

Photo by Becca Tapert

Photo by Becca Tapert

1. Furniture Assembly

Redecorating a space can lend inspiration and help your personality shine, but let’s face it — assembling furniture can be downright frustrating. From missing parts to instruction manuals that look more like hieroglyphics (looking at you, IKEA!), what should be a 30-minute bookshelf assembly becomes a two-hour struggle piecing together particleboard.

But you have help! TaskRabbit offers services for furniture assemblers (called Taskers). All Taskers undergo a background check, and the average assembly project range is $49 to $131. And if you’re actually an avid IKEA shopper, they’ve also teamed up with TaskRabbit offering furniture assembly rates starting at $38.   

2. Grocery Delivery

Grocery shopping is one of those tasks that takes up a good amount of time, from commuting, going from aisle to aisle, and waiting in checkout lines. This time suck is also compounded if you’re going to a warehouse store or visiting during peak weekend hours. 

Fortunately, there are a number of grocery delivery services on the market to alleviate this chore, entirely. Subscription services, like Instacart and AmazonFresh, deliver your grocery orders straight to your doorstep. And more supermarkets, like Albertsons, are partnering with these same services to help you cut time, directly. Fees vary, and are based on your order size and delivery time preferences.

3. Meal Subscription

Using grocery subscription services helps you dodge your market’s foot traffic, but it takes more time to get a delicious meal on the table. If you want to bypass prep and cooking time, but can’t necessarily take the leap to hire your own personal chef, you can save time with a meal subscription service. 

Meal subscription companies usually have options for customers with special dietary needs, like vegetarian or vegan dishes, and even keto or paleo-specific meals. A well-known home delivery service is Freshly which costs between $8.99 to $12.50 per meal, depending on the plan you choose.

4. Valet Parking

Valet parking is something that can be a luxury, if you can otherwise easily find and pull into a parking spot on your own. However, a popular venue or busy time of year (like shopping during the holiday season) can keep you from getting to where you need to go. 

In these situations, consider whether it’s worth paying for a valet to expertly park your car so you can be in and out in a pinch. Some businesses even offer free valet for their customers — just don’t forget to tip (which is an average of $3 to $5).

5. Laundry

Probably one of the most loathed household chores (aside from washing dishes) is doing laundry. If you don’t have the convenience of having your own washer and dryer, hauling your dirty laundry to the nearest laundromat can be a hassle. And after your clothes are cleaned, there’s still the daunting task of folding and putting everything away.

Although dry cleaning costs can get pricey at a per-garment rate, the cost to launder clothing isn’t as steep as you’d think. According to Angie’s List, washed, dried and folded laundry costs $0.90 to $3 per pound, depending on your area. Large items, like a bed comforter, can cost about $5 per pound.

6. Dog Walking

Your furbaby’s health and happiness are priceless. But sometimes other tasks get in the way of making sure your pet gets the exercise they need. If you need an extra, caring hand, there are dog-walking services that help your pet get some fresh air while you’re out and about being a #boss.

Rover connects you to its network of pre-screened dog walkers so you can coordinate a 30-minute walk for your pet around your neighborhood. Dog-walking costs are as low as $15 per walk in some areas, but vary since walkers set their own rates.

7. Virtual Assistant

Do you need your very own Pepper Potts in your life? If your life is just as hectic as Tony Stark’s, consider hiring a virtual assistant to help organize your tasks so that nothing falls through the cracks. This is particularly helpful for entrepreneurs who are juggling payroll and accounting, project deadlines and meetings, all on top of personal commitments. 

A virtual assistant can be an investment for you and your business, by helping you maximize your time so you’re laser-focused on the things that bring the most value to your life. You can find virtual assistants with a wide range of experience on Upwork. Rates vary by experience level, starting from about $17 per hour to $60 per hour or more.

Buying back your time is a luxury that not everyone can prioritize. If you have the financial ability to do so, however, redirecting it paying for these services can do wonders at improving your efficiency and overall well-being.

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Jennifer Calonia