4 Side Hustles You Can Do From Your Phone

Nowadays, starting a side hustle is easier than most people expect. You don’t even have to babysit the neighbor's kid, or create an Upwork account in the hopes that out of the thousands of freelancers on the platform, an employer will notice you.

Here are some of the best side hustle ideas you can do straight through your phone while you’re out and about.



1. Job Spotter

Job Spotter helps you make money, but it also helps other people find jobs. Essentially, all you have to do is take pictures of brick-and-mortar job postings and pictures of the hiring storefront. You’ll then be granted points by the app's algorithm. These points equate to cents that are automatically put onto an Amazon gift card. 

On average, users receive around 50 cents per picture through Job Spotter. Taking snaps of mom-and-pop businesses that are hiring grants you more points than taking snaps from your local CVS, since fewer people know about job opportunities from small businesses.

50 cents for a picture may not seem like a lot of money, but if you’re in a metropolitan area, there are hiring signs everywhere so those 50 cent submissions really start adding up.

2. Pay Your Selfie

If you’re not camera-shy, consider downloading Pay Your Selfie. You get paid to take pictures of yourself with a certain product or doing a certain action which helps brands strengthen their market research and increase their user engagement. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Your pictures are truly making an impact in today's world as brand leaders use those findings to lead the way in product innovation. 

You’ll also complete a survey in addition to your submitting your selfie. This is definitely not a “get rich quick” scheme as on average you get around 50 cents to a dollar for completing each survey. Once your account reaches $20, you can cash out and receive a check in the mail.

3. Mobee

Channel your inner sleuth and download Mobee, a secret shopper app. Users are initially put on “missions” and go to different shops and restaurants to help evaluate the businesses’ customer service. Business owners use Mobee to see how their business is really running behind the scenes so your secret shopper insights are crucial. 

A mission  usually takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete and when you’re done, you’re awarded an average of 500 points which is about a $5 gift card.

Mobee is no different than any other app listed here, it’s what you make of it. However, after using this app, I can confidently say that it’s very easy to make close to $15 an hour doing Mobee missions while on your daily shopping errands. 

4. Charging Bird Scooters

Electric rental scooters seem to be all the rage now in most major cities. Depending on where you are, one of the best side hustle ideas is using your apartment as a charging hub for Bird scooters. Interested users go through a quick screening process and voila within a week, a shipment of several scooter chargers comes to your door. 

The Bird app conveniently has a feature that bird users can tap if they’re chargers which brings them to a map of where the nearest dead Bird scooters are located.  They even are transparent ahead of time about how much you’ll receive when charging Bird scooters. 

In cities like Ann Arbor and Los Angeles, you can receive payouts from around $5 to close to $40 for literally just plugging in a scooter into an available electrical outlet. A convenient part of charging Bird scooters is that you’ll receive payment the next morning.

Olga Lurye, FinGym Intern