Meet Your New B.F.F. (Best. Financial. Friend.)

Meet your new squad. Your ride or die. The one who’s going to be by your side to help you get in control of your finances.

Your B.F.F. will always have your back.

Executive Team

Shannon McLay

Founder and CEO

Shannon graduated cum laude with a degree in Business from Wake Forest University in 2000 and has since worked in financial services for the last 17 years. Her experience is in Institutional Sales, Retail Sales, Hedge Fund Sales and management. She is the author of 'Train Your Way To Financial Fitness' and her own blog Financially Blonde as well as a contributor to AOL, LifeHacker, Huffington Post, US News & World Reports, Budgets Are Sexy, Frugal Rules and others. Shannon hosts the award winning Business and Investing Podcast – Martinis and Your Money – Living a Better Life One Cocktail At a Time and is dedicated to helping people achieve financial freedom, which is how the Financial Gym came to be.

Favorite alcoholic beverage: Dirty Gin Martini

What are you working for? To change the financial health of millions of Americans.

Alicia Lazarto

Chief Operations Officer

Alicia is the COO of the Financial Gym. Alicia has over 20 years experience in Finance, Treasury Operations and Tax. She managed operations for several global business segments with locations in the U.S., Europe and the Asia Pacific regions. Most recently, she held the role of Assistant Treasurer for a Global Telecommunications firm. Her experience in Corporate Treasury and building extensive banking relationships fueled Alicia’s desire to cultivate new relationships on a more personal level. Guided by her passion for finance, strong interpersonal skills and altruistic personality, Alicia is determined to support individuals in reaching their financial wellness.

Favorite alcoholic beverage: French Martini extra Chambord

What are you working for? Financial empowerment for all!

Bridget Todd

Head of Client Strategy & Development

Bridget has an extensive background working in operations for very large hedge funds. In early 2016, she decided that she wanted more from her career rather than just a paycheck; and as a client of The Financial Gym, she determined that helping people with their money was what she wanted to do. Bridget has trained extensively in all areas of financial training including budgeting, credit management, student loans, savings strategies, insurance, short and long term goal planning, and investing principles. Bridget is a Level 3 Certified Financial Trainer and works mostly with clients who are new to their financial fitness journey. Bridget is a graduate of Quinnipiac University in Connecticut and lives a financially fit lifestyle in New York City.

Best purchase ever made: Bruce Springsteen tickets

What are you working for? A home and a happy and healthy life for me and my family (present and future).

Dana Ostomel

Vice President of Marketing

Dana is the VP of Marketing at The Financial Gym. She's spent the better part of two decades managing multi-media brand campaigns, developing digital products, inking meaningful partnerships and driving customer, client and partner success for companies big and small. Prior to joining The Gym, Dana built and sold her own company, a crowdfunding platform called Deposit a Gift. Dana came to The Financial Gym because she's fired up by startups turning staid industries upside down -- and what could be better than a personal finance company reinventing the way people think about and manage their money so that anyone can be in charge of their financial situation, not just the 1%?

Workout or nap? Workout

What are you working for? My family of five!

Financial Trainers

Kyle Gibbons

Level 3 Trainer

Kyle, Level 3 Trainer at the Financial Gym, is a New Jersey native and has been in the financial services industry since 2014. Prior to joining The Financial Gym, he founded his own financial services company where he helped individuals and small businesses learn to manage their wealth. Growing up, Kyle always had a passion for learning and helping others. He believes that financial education is the foundation for achieving freedom.Therefore, it is his life commitment to help everyone achieve financial freedom and create the possibility of turning dreams into reality. Kyle has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and studied Mandarin Chinese at the University of Illinois.

Favorite alcoholic beverage: Chocolate espresso martini with a dark chocolate rim

What are you working for? I work to create financial freedom in the world

Jacqueline Keeley

Level 2 Trainer

Jacqueline is an actress with a passion for all things financial. She has worked in a variety of industries, from bartending to coaching to fixing computers at the Apple Store to managing the northern Manhattan buildings for co-working startup Knotel. She has a BA from Occidental College and started her financial fitness journey in 2014 after living paycheck to paycheck to pay off student loans. She now lives a financially fit life here in NYC, and has joined The Financial Gym to share her passion with others!

Worst purchase ever made: Clothes I’ll never wear (pro tip: don’t shop tipsy)

What are you working for? I’m working for the ability to continue doing what I love - acting - while not being constantly broke!

Joy Liu

Head of Trainer Development

Joy is a Level 2 Certified Financial Trainer who works with clients new to their financial fitness journey. Joy joined The Financial Gym after a career in the advertising industry working in client services with the interest of marrying her passion for personal finance & working with people in a meaningful way. She is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island and recently re-located to North Carolina from New York City to live with her husband who is stationed there as a United States Marine.

Best purchase ever made: My $20 monthly coffee bean subscription. My morning cup of coffee every day makes me so happy and I'm happy to pay slightly more for a smaller, higher quality roastery.

What are you working for? Freedom to do work that I am passionate about and for my dog, Roxy, to live her best life.

Crystal Martinez

Level 2 Trainer

Crystal is a Level 2 Certified Financial Trainer that joined The Gym after six years of managing operations for a global ESL brand within the International Education industry. She is passionate about creating an authentic connection with her clients, empowering them with knowledge on how to master their personal finances and ultimately achieve financial freedom. Crystal is a graduate from California State University Long Beach where she studied Anthropology. She is a California native that relocated to New York to follow her professional and personal aspirations. Not only is Crystal a Financial Trainer, she is a Gym client too.

Worst purchase ever made: All tourist souvenirs.

What are you working for? A Montana ranch with horses and a rescue dog in an old beat up Toyota Land Cruiser. Like this..... (

Jenn Monahan

Level 3 Trainer

Jenn is a Level 3 Trainer at The Financial Gym. Before joining the team in early 2018, she left the hedge fund industry to focus more on her passion for finance: from working with complex products and markets, all the way to efficient budgeting/organizing day-to-day cash flow in her own personal life! Jenn's background also includes extensive market regulation work with various financial institutions, investment banks, hedge funds, and asset managers across the globe. She has a degree in Finance and Information Systems from Loyola University Maryland, and is Long Island native currently living her best life in New York City.

Favorite alcoholic beverage: Jenn & Tonic

What are you working for? Financial freedom & giving my clients the tools to do the same!

Georgina Muri

Level 2 Trainer

Georgina is a Level 2 Financial Trainer at The Financial Gym. Georgina has experience working in social impact investing, legal research, project management, and non-profit development. She holds a Master's Degree in European Politics and Policy from NYU and an Advanced Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation. Before joining The Financial Gym, she held the role of Resource Services Coordinator at a Top 10 Law Firm in New York. Georgina is also a member of the Steering Committee for Women Advancing Microfinance New York, a mentor for social entrepreneurs and an advocate for financial inclusion, small businesses, and women's empowerment. Her experience managing her personal finances while waiting tables in college, and helping her family and friends on their journeys to financial wellness drove Georgina to look for an outlet to continue this work on a regular basis.

Best purchase ever made: A perfectly sized carry-on suitcase that fits exactly under the airplane seat.

What are you working for? To allow everyone to have a seat at the table- both financially and physically.

Lindsay Perez

Level 2 Trainer

Lindsay has a background in financial services and spent several years as a financial analyst on Wall Street. In her previous role, at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, she focused on wealth management and corporate benefits. While her time there was extremely educational, Lindsay felt somewhat unfulfilled in her role. She joined the Gym in 2018 in order to help empower those mystified by economic jargon and to help them feel confident about their financial choices. Lindsay is a Level 2 Certified Financial Trainer who works with a wide-range of clients, including those who are new to their financial fitness journey and those looking to take their finances to the next level. In addition to training, she is also a salary negotiation coach who wants to help others advocate for themselves. Lindsay graduated cum laude from the University of Miami, in her native Miami, FL.

Chandra Savage

Level 2 Trainer

Chandra is a Level 2 Certified Financial Trainer. Years after her own wake up call with her finances, she decided to kick it up a notch helping others with their financial goals. Prior to the Financial Gym, Chandra worked as a Production Manager for years at a well-known flower company. She wished for a more meaningful career, one that focused on helping others create better lives for themselves by becoming financially fit. Chandra graduated from Queens College in her native borough of Queens, New York.

Favorite alcoholic beverage: Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz

What are you working for? It's a secret. To be continued . . .

Marketing and Operations Team

Anne DiDomenico

Enterprise Sales Executive

Anne is the Enterprise Sales Executive at The Financial Gym who works with companies across the US to bring financial wellness & education to their employees. She thrives on developing current & new business relationships while focusing on client satisfaction and growth. She was formerly Sales Executive Manager for Merrell Footwear in New York City as well as the Southeast region of the US. As a Financial Gym client of four and a half years, Anne enjoys marrying her knowledge of the corporate world with the success & benefits she learned at The Financial Gym. Anne is a graduate of Calvin College in Michigan and currently enjoys living a financially fit life in New York City with her husband.

Workout or nap? Workout then a full pancake breakfast!

What are you working for? Being able to provide for our new family addition coming in December.

Emily Egan

Marketing Manager

Emily is the Marketing Manager at The Financial Gym. She has worked in social media and digital advertising for both startups and media companies over the past 8 years. It was through personal finance hashtags on Instagram that Emily’s interest in personal finance education developed. Now, after starting as a client in March 2018, Emily enjoys developing events and media content to spread the knowledge of financial fitness. A graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Emily can be found cheering on the Tar Heels, playing flag football, and eating dollar pizza.

Favorite TV show: Veronica Mars

What are you working for? To live a financially fit lifestyle in NYC in an apartment that I can decorate to my pleasing. Also, to be able visit all 50 states in the US (18 down)!

Lisa Heavin

Warm Up Call Associate

Lisa worked for many years as a dietitian and diabetes educator at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. She has an MS in Human Environmental Sciences from the University of Alabama and a BS in Dietetics from Missouri State University. She stumbled on the Martinis and Your Money podcast during a search for personal finance podcasts and became a client. A year later, she joined The Financial Gym as a Warm-Up Call Associate. Lisa became interested in personal finance after a divorce, and she loves helping other women bounce back and find financial independence.

Favorite TV Show: Parks and Recreation

What are you working for?: To feed my 2 adolescent boys!

Lori Jackson

Warm Up Call Associate

Caitlin Lyttle

Client Experience Manager

Caitlin is the Client Experience Manager at The Financial Gym. Previously, she worked at ANN INC. as an Associate Merchandise Planner where she built financial sales for sweaters to drive departmental sales, inventory, profit and turnover objectives. After joining The Financial Gym as a client in September 2017, Caitlin became passionate about the life-changing services The Gym provided to her. Soon after she joined the team and made it her full-time job to spread the word about The Gym through marketing efforts. Caitlin is now responsible for making sure each and every client has the best experience possible and strives to constantly beat their expectations. Caitlin is a graduate from LIM College and Jersey girl through and through.

Favorite TV Show: Law & Order: SVU…the marathons are my kryptonite.

What are you working for? To give myself and my family the best life they could ever ask for…(and a beach house!)

Erika Parente

Office Manager

Erika is a New York transplant by way of Florida. She has a B.S. from University of South Florida in Business Management which helped kick off her career in accounts receivables financing. Later on, Erika fell in love with operations at a leading pilates studio in NYC and has now merged her current love with her past life in finance at The Financial Gym as the Office Manager. When Erika isn’t making sure The Gym is a well-oiled machine, she is side hustling as a makeup artist.

Favorite TV Show: Parks and Recreation

What are you working for? To travel the world with ease.

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