Meet Beca Soto

Level 2 Trainer

Beca is a Level 2 Certified Financial Trainer. She's always been passionate about sharing her must-haves with others--everything from hair care to travel destinations to restaurants--but could never quite put her finger on the passion that could be converted into her vocation. After embarking on her own financial journey, she discovered her love of personal finance and became eager to empower others to feel secure with their money so that they can achieve all of their goals! As a trainer and a client, she is working on her own goals to become financially independent and have a home somewhere in the Caribbean!

Favorite alcoholic beverage
Passionfruit Mojito - particularly from Havana Central in Times Square.

What are you working for?
I'm working to empower women, people of color, and immigrants in particular so that they can feel more secure when fighting oppression since money affects all aspects of life.

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