Meet Georgina Muri

Level 2 Trainer

Georgina is a Level 2 Certified Financial Trainer at The Financial Gym. Georgina has experience working in social impact investing, legal research, project management, and non-profit development. She holds a Master's Degree in European Politics and Policy from NYU and an Advanced Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation. Before joining The Financial Gym, she held the role of Resource Services Coordinator at a Top 10 Law Firm in New York. Georgina is also a member of the Steering Committee for Women Advancing Microfinance New York, a mentor for social entrepreneurs and an advocate for financial inclusion, small businesses, and women's empowerment. Her experience managing her personal finances while waiting tables in college, and helping her family and friends on their journeys to financial wellness drove Georgina to look for an outlet to continue this work on a regular basis.

Best purchase ever made

A perfectly sized carry-on suitcase that fits exactly under the airplane seat.

What are you working for?

To allow everyone to have a seat at the table- both financially and physically.

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