Meet Nicole Lamagna

Senior Full Stack Developer & Technical Lead

Nicole started her professional life as a Residential Advisor for people with mental disabilities. A few years later, she threw her backpack on, hitchhiked and backpacked around California and Colorado, working on cattle and dude ranches to save up enough for a bus ride home. Nicole did a little bit of everything, from running wild with the horses, mending fences, and castrating bulls (this...this is not a fun task). When her wandering heart—she has "Wanderer" tattooed on her arm in Sanskrit—settled down, she started a media company in Denver called Feisty Aphrodite Media. Since the company was poor, Nicole taught herself how to build the website. She loves building with code and people, finding that code is always better when it helps people. Nicole has worked at a number of start-ups in both Denver and Boston, from one of the first engineering hires to VP of Development. Nicole is over-the-moon excited to be part of the team to build out the next generation of the Financial Gym's tech.

Your favorite TV show of all time?
I mean, how can it not be Seinfeld? Seriously.

What are you working for?
So that when my parents need help as they age, I'll have the means to drop everything and be at their side, if necessary. Oh, and to maybe buy a little cabin in the Rocky Mountains with 2 horses named Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and write bad novels that only I will read (I can use the really bad drafts as part of the stable bedding).

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