Meet Stella Gold

Level 2 Trainer

Stella Gold is a money maker and loves making magic happen when it comes to your finances. Miss Gold has a variety of experiences (personal and professional) in the financial realm. Three years ago she found herself drowning in money anxiety and debt after her father unexpectedly passed. She decided to turn her grief into gold. She started her own business designing backpacks which she successfully sold out on Kickstarter. She also works with Ladies Get Paid, a platform and community for professional women to help them advance in their careers. Through these experiences she learned the ropes of personal finance and finally felt empowered by money, NOT paralyzed. As a Financial Level II Trainer, Stella cannot wait to guide you through your own financial journey and reach the financial empowerment she herself worked for. She believes you deserve it.

Worst purchase ever made

The "just one more" drink that I've always regretted the next morning

What are you working for?

Buying a home in California in cash and running for office #StellaGold2020

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